Team workshops, training and consultancy for others

Nobody has all the answers, that’s why we have each other

why nurture relationships with others?

Humans are social beings, it is how we have survived and thrived for thousands of years.

Connection to others is central to this…

Interactions are infectious...

they impact how we all think, feel and behave.

By nurturing our relationships, understanding and implementing what supports and strengthens these, we can boost the collective wellbeing of us all.


people reported kindness to and from others improved mental health

-Mental Health Foundation 2020  

Markedly higher

patient satisfaction scores for teams with higher health and wellbeing

-General Medical Council 2021 

Strong correlation

between employee wellbeing and customer satisfaction

-Glassdoor 2019

730% ROI

Group focussed interventions show highest return on investment

-Deloitte 2022

others services:

training and workshops

SWAO develops and delivers evidence-based mental health and wellbeing focussed training and workshops, tailored to you and your people.

  • Any team, group, or whole organisation
  • Wanting evidence-based knowledge and skills
  • Delivered by experienced health professionals
  • Provides shared knowledge, skills, and evidence-based tools
  • Promotes personal, professional growth and performance
  • Fosters a culture of learning, development and organisational care

team coaching

SWAO Team Coaching uses principles and structures of evidence-based therapies to support teams with shared professional issues, new skills, and achieving shared goals.

  • Any team or group wanting solution focussed discussion and development
  • Especially during changes, challenges, or growth opportunities
  • Psychologically safe space to explore challenges and growth opportunities
  • Utilises evidence-based strategies
  • Proactive and preventative measure of support
  • Experienced mental health trained coaches
  • Supervised by clinically trained professionals
  • Work collaboratively to support goal achievement

SWAO Consultancy

The SWAO Consultancy service offers organisations and teams access to specialist wellbeing focussed guidance, that is both evidence-based and tailored to needs.

  • Leadership teams
  • People facing teams
  • Human resource teams
  • Wellbeing leads and mental health first aiders
  • Assures quality, efficacy and tailoring of information
  • Professional objectivity and impartiality
  • Informed decision making and action planning
  • Compliance – utilising competent persons