why do we do this

global prevention of mental ill health

Our global mission at SWAO is to help improve collective wellbeing throughout society.

To do this we set up SWAO to partner with the people and organisations who can make the greatest difference…you, and yours 😊.

After all, where do most of us spend our time? At work.

proactive steps are crucial

Thankfully, as a society we are getting much better at talking about how we feel and acknowledging our thoughts and emotions.

As a result, awareness of the crucial role wellbeing plays in our lives is certainly increasing. We know it is a strength to talk and take proactive steps to manage.

but humans are complex, how do we know what is beneficial?

Despite increased awareness, we continue to see significant growth in mental health problems, sickness rates increase, and demand for evidence-based interventions grow.

So we know there is a problemwhat can we DO about it?

Well, there is no *one* solution, humans are complex…and with so much information now available to us, how do we know what is helpful?

this is where SWAO comes in...

We combine the expertise of our professionals, the latest research, and our clients’ needs and values to provide evidence-based wellbeing services, for you and your people.

Enabling proactive prevention and increasing wellbeing for all.

Cognitive Behaviour Specialist

Self World & Others

our leadership team

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Louise Westley

Founder and CEO

Christopher Twardowski

Health and Safety Lead

Lucy Westley

Health and Occupational Therapy Lead

Kamaldeep Chohan

Mental Health and Psychotherapy Lead

Louise Westley

Founder and CEO

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist - BABCP and EABCT Accredited Practitioner

Hi, I’m Louise, the founder of SWAO. With 20 years of experience in mental health services, I’ve consistently seen the positive impact of timely mental health strategies on our health and wellbeing.

As a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, I’ve held senior roles in NHS mental health services, and had the privilege to support many people through some of the most difficult times in life.

I truly love my job, what greater honour is there than being able to support another human through a time of distress?

But I have never understood why a person needs to reach a point of illness to access the benefits of therapy, when there is so much we can do individually, systemically and collectively, to prevent this.

So, I created SWAO. A set of services aimed specifically at the three things central to our human experience: the relationship with our self, experiences within our world, and interactions with others.

Because my goal is to enable as many humans as possible to access the benefits of therapy in everyday life, not just at times of distress. And what better place to start than at work .

Christopher Twardowski

Health and Safety Lead

NEBOSH Certified Practitioner

Chris is our Health and Safety Lead at SWAO. Chris’s core training is in health and safety compliance and comes to us from a background in business leadership and quality assurance.

Chris holds NEBOSH certification and has held roles in the health and safety sector for over 10 years. He has working knowledge of the impacts of wellbeing risks to organisations from both a business leadership and health and safety compliance perspective.

Lucy Westley

Health and Occupational Therapy Lead

Occupational Therapist – HCPC Registered Practitioner

Lucy is our Health and Occupational Therapy Lead at SWAO. Lucy is a HCPC registered Occupational Therapist, and she has worked in a variety of specialist adult and child health and social care services for the past 15 years.

Having worked in health and social care services, Lucy has working knowledge of health and wellbeing risks, and the benefits of occupational wellbeing in the workplace. She specialises in occupational risk assessment and management, and reablement.